Toyama Dai-ichi Hotel’s full-featured banquet facilities can accommodate a range of gatherings and events. The hotel offers 15 banquet halls in small, medium, and large sizes.

Banquet Hall Floor Size(m2) Dinner Buffet Class
Small Banquet Hall 5 50 16 20 15
Main Banqueting Hall 3 792 500 1,000 600
Small Banquet Hall 3 36 16 20 15
Inside Banquet Hall 2 132 80 80 100


Toyama Dai-ichi Hotel
10-10 Sakuragicho,Toyama City,Toyama
ZIP Code 930-0082


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The authentic city hotel of Toyama which has abundant green and water

Toyama is known for the magnificent Tateyama mountain range and delicious seafood from the Sea of Japan. The hotel is located in the luxurious area surrounded by abundant green and close to the business district and the shopping center.
The peaceful, comfortable room will decorate your special moment.