SAFETY PRIDE Taking pride in providing comfort and safety

Our aim is to be a hotel chosen
for the safety and comfort we provide.

Our entire team is making every effort for the sake of your comfort and safety,
so that you can experience the very best in hospitality.
However much the times and the world around us change,
we will always greet our guests with our warm spirit of hospitality,
so that your time with us is as wonderful as ever.
We are taking the following measures to prevent infections, so that both now and in future times,
we will be a hotel chosen for the safety and comfort we provide.


Our aim is to be a hotel our guests can use with more reassurance than ever.

Antibacterial and antivirus measures are being taken at all our directly managed hotels.

rooms, entrances・lobbies,
check-in counters,
restrooms, elevators,
restaurants, banquet halls, chapels,
auxiliary facilities, spas,
and other facilities for our guests

[SELFEEL® Air Catalyst]

SELFEEL® breaks down harmful substances in the air, providing powerful deodorizing, antibacterial, anti-staining, and anti-molding effects. It is widely being used in public transportation, medical institutions, and other organizations.*The antibacterial/antivirus agents have no effect on the human body or the environment.

FACILITY Our measures

  • Placement of alcohol-based hand sanitizersANTISEPTIC SOLUTION

    We have placed alcohol-based hand sanitizers at hotel entrances, front desk, restaurant entrances, and other locations and are encouraging guests to use them to maintain good hand hygiene.

  • Installation of temperature scannerTHERMOMETER

    We are asking guests visiting or staying at our facilities to cooperate with the temperature checks.

  • Disinfection of public spaces, restaurants, and banquet halls with alcoholPUBLIC SPACE

    In addition to objects in public spaces, such as escalator and stair railings, and elevator buttons, we are disinfecting areas and equipment with surfaces frequently touched by guests, including chairs, tables, menus, and other items in restaurants and banquet halls, with alcohol as necessary.

  • Additional cleaning in guest roomsSPECIAL CLEANING

    On top of routine cleaning, we provide additional cleaning using an alcohol-based disinfectant for surfaces frequently touched by guests, such as doorknobs, light switches, room keys, TV remotes, refrigerators (handles), toilet flush levers, and other items.

STAFF Our efforts

  • Wearing of face masks by employeesWEARING FACE MASK

    In consideration of guests' health and safety, our employees will offer services while wearing face masks.

  • Confirmation of employees' health conditionHEALTH STATUS

    In order to serve our guests in a healthy condition, we ensure that our employees wash and sanitize their hands properly and closely monitor their health, such as by conducting pre-shift health checks.

  • Infection control measures taken for employeesPREVENTION OF INFECTION

    We ensure the application of measures to prevent employees from contracting the virus, such as by encouraging off-peak commuting and telecommuting and disinfecting employee areas with alcohol.

THE GUEST Our request

  • Hand disinfection with alcoholDISINFECTING

    We appreciate your cooperation for using alcohol-based hand sanitizers placed at entrances to disinfect your hands before entering our facilities.

  • Use of elevatorsELEVATOR

    When visiting our facilities, please respect social distancing guidelines and use elevators in small groups to avoid overcrowding.

  • Confirmation of the health condition of guestsHEALTH STATUS

    Staying at our hotels Upon check-in, we are confirming guests' health condition, such as by requesting them to fill out a health survey. Should they feel ill, we will take prompt actions in cooperation with local health authorities and other relevant organizations.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Actions Taken to Prevent COVID-19 Infections