Hotel Hankyu GRAN RESPIRE OSAKA to be opened in the urban space in front of JR Osaka Station "GRAND GREEN OSAKA" in Spring 2025

Under the new concept “GRAN,” which means “wonderful” or “nice,” and the inherited concept “RESPIRE,” which combines the notions of providing quiet healing (“REST”) and vitality for tomorrow (“INSPIRE”), Hotel Hankyu GRAN RESPIRE OSAKA aims to provide higher-quality relaxation as a new brand hotel.

We will create “a space where adults can enjoy themselves” in a sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere, feel nature and a sense of peace amid the hustle and bustle of the city, and spend time in a natural and relaxed manner.


It is directly connected to JR Osaka Station, the largest terminal station in western Japan, and is one of the largest urban parks in the world which is directly connected to a large terminal station (approximately 45,000 ㎡).
It is a large complex that includes offices, hotels, an urban spa, core facilities, commercial facilities, and housing. The pre-opening of the town is scheduled for September 6, 2024.
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Design concept

The design concept is “Natural State.”
Although the hotel is located near the stations in Umeda, Osaka, once you enter the hotel, you will find yourself surrounded by a natural and relaxing space, making you forget you are in the city.


Guest Rooms

All 482 guest rooms are designed to accommodate up to two guests to provide a comfortable environment where guests can enjoy themselves in a relaxed manner.
The large windows allow you to feel the changing of time and seasons, creating an open and relaxed atmosphere.


Guest Rooms (Club Floors)

The upper floors (26th and 27th floors) are special floors with spacious guest rooms.
They provide a high-quality space for adults who are accustomed to traveling.


Guest Lounge

On the 6th floor, a guest lounge will be set up for guests to use.
This is a facility that can be flexibly used by experienced travelers according to their own style.
It will also have a small room for changing clothes and a powder room.


Club Lounge

On the 27th floor, there will be a club lounge that can only be used by guests staying on the club floors.
This “space where adults can enjoy themselves” provides high-quality relaxation and healing, giving you more energy for the day ahead.

a diagram of the hotel location


It is connected to JR Osaka Station (Umekita Area), which is a hub connecting major railways in the Kansai region.
The hotel is located in an area convenient for sightseeing and business, with good access to Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport, and Shin-Osaka Station, which are gateways to both Japan and overseas.

(Scheduled to open in March 2025)

Location: Osaka Station Kita Ofuka West District in the area for the Land Readjustment Project (South District)
Total number of guest rooms: 482 (all non-smoking)
Acceptance of reservations is scheduled to start in October 21, 2024.

Floor Layout

27th floor: Guest Rooms (Club Floor), Club Lounge
26th floor: Guest Rooms (Club Floor)
25th floor to 7th floor: Guest Rooms
6th floor: Guest Lounge, Fitness Room, Self-Service Laundry
5th floor: Front Desk, Lobby
4th floor: Spa Access Corridor
2nd floor to 1st basement floor: Hotel Entrance (planned to be connected to JR Osaka Station on the 2nd floor by a deck)

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