Mr. Yuzo Eto, a lacquer artist, has collaborated with Hotel new Hankyu Osaka to help guests feel more familiar with traditional Japanese culture.
"Goldfish art," created using the traditional Japanese lacquer technique "makie", is the most important series of his works. The beauty and splendor of the series have been featured at various opportunities.
For this collaboration, his goldfish art is displayed in guest rooms.
In addition, you can see his goldfish swimming comfortably in the passage on the first basement floor of the hotel.

Japanese-style room prepared through collaboration ~ Seasonal changes ~


The Japanese-style room was decorated with lacquer goldfish art.
Goldfishes pictured in the four seasons, which differ depending on the floor, welcome you.
You can see them swimming all over the room, such as on tables, chairs, and indoor lamps.
You can look forward to seeing which seasonal goldfishes you can meet after entering the room. (Maybe you can find art that is not goldfish...?)
* Please note that it is not possible to specify the room when making a reservation for accommodation.

Hotel basement 1st floor passageway ~ goldfish play ~

The lacquer art of “goldfish,” one of Mr. Eto’s representative works, is painted on the hotel basement 1st floor passageway. Enjoy the lively swimming goldfish.

Kintsugi experience class & Lunch ~ Reward time that satisfies both your stomach and heart ~

Kintsugi experience class & Lunch

The “Kintsugi Experience Class & Lunch” held on June 29, 2023 was fully booked as soon as reservations started.
On the day of the event, the venue was lively and filled with smiles from beginning to end due to the personality and light-hearted talk of Mr. Eto, who served as the lecturer.
It was amazing to see the broken memorabilia of all the participants being decorated with gold one after another and brought back to life as vessels right before our eyes.
We received many comments saying, “I would love to participate in this event again!”

Profile of Yuzo Eto

”Kintsugi” is a traditional technique for repairing chipped or broken vessels using lacquer.

Mr. Eto regularly teaches the technique of ”Kintsugi”, with the thought that “Even if something breaks, by fixing it and continuing to use it, we can accumulate our memories and convey the spirit of valuing things.”

In Japan, he works actively in a wide range of areas, mainly in the Kansai and Kanto regions. A large-scale exhibition was held at a hotel in Taiwan in the summer of 2023.