NEWS 2016.09.01 CONCEPT

The remm experience for “high-quality sleep”
From check-in to check-out, time and space at remm are designed to allow our guests to experience the sensation of “high-quality sleep.”
Here are some of the reasons that make staying at remm so special.


“Sensory design” ushers the guest into a comfortable sleep
Upon arrival, your comfortable sleeping experience begins. The exterior, entrance, lobby, and elevator hall – every single space is designed to appeal not only to the eyes, but also to all five senses, enhancing expectations for “high-quality sleep.”


It’s not a guestroom – it’s your bedroom, so make yourself at home
Not a guestroom, but a bedroom – this is the overriding concept for room design at remm. A massage chair in each room and glass partitions for a sense of space – every aspect of the interior has been carefully designed for the finest quality of sleep.


A gentle rain shower in the open shower will wash away your fatigue
To relieve the day’s exhaustion before bed and then wake up to greet the morning feeling refreshed – for “high-quality sleep,” a comfortable shower is essential. The invigorating shower is yet another reason to stay at remm. Just sit on the stool and let the gentle water from the ceiling wrap around you.


A superior mattress and the pillow of your choice
You cannot have pleasant sleep without a quality bed. The three coils that support the head, waist, and legs are optimally adjusted to disperse body pressure. A pillow of your choice also guarantees that you have a comfortable sleeping experience.


Original item especially created for our guests aiming for high-quality sleep and rest
At remm, amenities are also carefully chosen to enhance sleeping comfort. In addition to our original brand of shampoo and body soap, a soothing aroma welcomes visitors in the foyer. Select items support our guests’ pleasant sleep and good rest.


Comfortable sleep is not complete without waking up feeling refreshed
A relaxing atmosphere and exquisitely cooked breakfast promise the start of another wonderful day.


Catering to the “time needs” of businesspeople – Temporary sleep
You don’t need to stay overnight to get to know the luxuries here at remm. Guests may avail themselves of “temporary sleep” options during the day or evening for a short break. Quick check-in/check-out and other services are available to facilitate the time needs of busy businesspeople.


Exclusive to female guests – Ladies Floor/Rooms are available at these locations:
Ladies Floor: remm Hibiya, remm Roppongi
Ladies Rooms: remm Tokyo-Kyobashi,remm Akihabara,remm Shin-Osaka, remm Kagoshima

Air purification system with aroma
Each room comes with an Antibac Japan air purifier. Please choose your favorite fragrance at the reception desk for a relaxing time with a pleasant aroma.