Meeting room

Have your banquet from our 32nd-floor party room. We serve everything from kaiseki cuisine to stand-up buffet style fare, tailoring your party exactly to your needs. Whatever kind of event you choose, you’ll definitely enjoy the view!

Banquet Hall Floor Size(m2) Dinner Buffet Class Theater Square
Party Room SUMIRE room 32 70 30 40 25 45 30
Panoramic Room SAKURA 32 36 16 30 - - -


Ginza Creston
8 Akashi-cho,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
ZIP Code 104-0044
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Ginza Creston lies along the lush green banks of the Sumida River, yet it also boasts excellent access to the city center such as “Tsukiji Market”, “Ginza”, or even “Tokyo Disneyland ®”.