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All rooms are non-smoking

Guest rooms located on the 14th floor and higher feature beautiful views, and all rooms are equipped with natural hot spring baths.
Here you can enjoy a relaxing stay and cozy atmosphere in the heart of the city.

[The bath in your room is a natural hot spring] How to enjoy a hot spring in the bathroom

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Enjoy a relaxing time in a private space.

Hotel Hanshin Osaka supplies bathrooms in all guest rooms with natural hot spring water (Tokujiro no Yu). You can take a hot spring bath as long and as often as you like, at your preferred temperature, and without worrying about your surroundings.

[Tip: After checking in, fill the bathtub with hot water early and let it cool down.]

The temperature of the hot spring water coming out of the faucet is as high as 50-60°C, so please fill the bathtub early after checking in and let the water cool down to your preferred temperature.
It is recommended not to add tap water, but to maintain 100% hot spring water when taking a bath.

[Tip: Adjust the temperature to your liking by adding hot spring water.]

If the water becomes too lukewarm, add the hot spring water to adjust the temperature to your liking, according to your mood and physical condition that day.
In addition to taking a hot spring bath in the bathtub, such as a full-body bath or a long half-body bath, you can also enjoy the hot spring in your own way, such as a “cascading bath” using the shower.

Rest in bed before your body cools down, and recharge for tomorrow!

* Click here for the origin, quality and efficacy of the hot spring>>


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Enjoy the relaxing natural hot spring in a city.
Hotel Hanshin Osaka is located in front of Hanshin and JR Fukushima Station, good access next to Umeda Station.
We support your travel, for example free Wi-Fi is available.
Each room features natural hot spring, plus spa facilities right on the premises.