By Train Hanshin railway

Walk for about 3 minutes from「Fukushima」[Station No.HS02]


Walk for about 3 minutes from JR Osaka Loop Line「Fukushima」

Walk for about 3 minutes from JR Tozai Line「Shin-Fukushima」
By Car About 5 minutes from Hanshin Express “Umeda” “Fukushima” “Deiribashi” exit.
From Area Airports

◆ From Kansai International Airport, get off at “Fukushima Station” by JR Kansai Air Rapid “Tennoji”

Walk for about 5 minutes from「Fukushima Station」

From [KIX] Kansai International Airport To [UM2] Herbis Osaka


[KIX]Bus Stop

【Kansai Airport Terminal 2】Pick up point No.1(first bus 4:47、last bus 0:47)

Approximately 75 minutes by airport limousine bus.

【Kansai Airport Terminal 1】Pick up point No.5(first bus 3:47、last bus 2:00)

Approximately 60 minutes by airport limousine bus.

>>>>From [KIX] Kansai International Airport TIME

>>>>From [UM2] Herbis Osaka TIME TABLE

From [ITM] Osaka(Itami) International Airport To [U4] Hotel Hanshin or [U2] Herbis Osaka


[ITM]Bus Stop

【Osaka(Itami) Airport】Pick up point No.9

Approximately 30 minutes by airport limousine bus.

>>>>From [ITM] Osaka(Itami) International Airport TIME

>>>>From [U4] Hotel Hanshin/[U2] Herbis Osaka TIME

Walk for about 5 minutes from「Hotel Hanshin」

Walk for about 10 minutes from「Herbis Osaka」

*You cannot make a resarvation for a seat.


Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka
5-18-25 Fukushima,Fukushima-ku,Osaka
ZIP Code 553-0003
Contact Us
Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka Opens on May 15, 2019
There will be a total of 254 rooms divided into two types based on motifs loved in Japan: cherry blossoms and the evening sky.The rooms are being created as modern spaces in a traditional Japanese framework that use traditional colors and patterns, including material used in kimono belts.
The sink in the 15㎡ rooms is set to be in the bedroom and a storage space provided under the beds to make the room feel more spacious. With its perfect combination of functionality and design, the room will ensure your complete relaxation.