Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Social Media Policy
Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co., Ltd. (the "Company" or "we" and its derivatives) has established this policy for the attitude and actions to be observed in operating its official social media account, as follows: (June 2023)

1. Definitions

The term "social media" means media based on the Internet and web technologies, most notably Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LINE, YouTube, and blogs, that primarily allow individuals to transmit information and many and unspecified people to view such information and communicate with others.

2. "Awareness and Responsibility" Required When Transmitting Information through Social Media

The Company's employees (including employees of the Company and persons in a similar employment relationship with the Company; the same applies hereinafter) and individuals concerned (meaning employees of business partners who are engaged in the operation of the Company's official social media accounts and those with a similar status; the same applies hereinafter) shall, when utilizing social media on the Internet as a tool of publicity, comply with the following basic principles and act in good faith so as to gain the trust of customers:
(1) We will endeavor not to transmit incorrect or misleading information by keeping in mind that information transmitted through social media and response to such information has significant influence on society.
(2) With the understanding that social media can be accessed by a large number of unspecified people and that, once transmitted, the information cannot be deleted completely, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as the internal rules, and always take responsibility for and have an awareness and consciousness regarding our transmission of information.
(3) We will fulfill our duties while reminding ourselves of the priorities in daily operations.
(4) We will refrain from transmitting information that includes personal information, and use utmost care so as not to perform any action that infringes the copyright, portrait rights, reputation, or any other rights of any third party.
(5) We will always recognize that, through social media, we can make a substantial contribution to improving the Company's brand.
(6) When quoting the content, articles or other information transmitted by third parties, we will be sure to clearly state the source and the quoted part thereof.
(7) In the event that we have transmitted incorrect information or misleading expressions, we will be sure to promptly apologize and make a correction.

3. Statements and Requests to Customers and Users

- Information transmitted through social media by the Company (or its employees) does not necessarily represent the official views of the Company. The Company does not guarantee the integrity, accuracy, or usability of its social media information.To find formal announcements from the Company, please visit the Company's website and read news releases and other official information.
- The Company shall not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, that may arise due to or in connection with the use of its social media information.
- Please note that information posted on social media is effective at the time of transmission and may be changed later.
- We do not respond to all comments or messages sent to us posted through social media.
- Our social media accounts, etc. are subject to termination or suspension without notice at the discretion of the Company.
- Please refrain from performing any act or writing any post (including links to web pages and expressions) that falls under any of the following. Customers agree in advance that we may delete content or block accounts at our discretion if they fall under any of the following. The Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred by any customer arising from such deletion or blocking.
(1) Any content that is, or is likely to be, in violation of laws or regulations or contrary to public decency
(2) Any content that leads, or is likely to lead, to any misconduct or criminal action
(3) Any content that, in our judgment, causes, or is likely to cause, any disadvantage or damage to another person, such as defamation, mental abuse, intimidation, obscenity, harassment, or contempt (insult)
(4) Any content intended to impersonate others or that is false, fraudulent, or misleading
(5) Political, electoral, or religious activities
(6) Any content that is totally irrelevant to information from the Company
(7) Infringement of the intellectual property rights (such as any copyright and trademark right), portrait rights, or privacy
(8) Any content that contains malware, etc.
(9) Use of the Company's social media for profit purposes
(10) Any content that is contrary to the terms of service of any social media platform
(11) Any content that harms the reputation or credibility of the Company, another user, or any other third party
(12) Any content that, in our judgment, is inappropriate and may hinder the management and operation or otherwise do harm to the Company
- For the handling of personal information by the Company, please visit the page "Privacy Policy" (https://www.hankyu-hotel.com/en/privacy).
- Our Social Media Policy is subject to amendment without notice at the discretion of the Company. Content posted prior to such amendment will also be subject to this Policy as amended.
- We do not follow all users who follow our accounts. In addition, we may follow users who do not follow our accounts.
- The Company shall not be liable for any damage that may be incurred by any user or third party due to trouble between users or between a user and a third party arising in connection with our social media pages.
- The original of this Policy shall be the Japanese version. This Policy may be translated into different languages. In the event of any conflict in terms of construction or definition between the Japanese version and a translated version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

The copyright, portrait rights and ownership of content posted to our official social media page shall be managed by the user who provided such information. The Company will hold the right to use such content only.

5. Accounts Operated by the Company

For the official accounts operated by the Company, please refer to the "List of Accounts" (https://www.hankyu-hotel.com/socialmediapolicy_list). Accounts not shown on the "List of Accounts" are in no way related to the Company.
Please be careful about accounts assuming the name of the Company or that are similar to our accounts.

6. Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction

- Our Social Media Policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
- Any dispute in connection with the use of our official social media pages shall be resolved by the Osaka District Court or the Osaka Summary Court as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance