Hotel Facilities


Diorama AR Guide "MUSUBI"

MUSUBI introduce recommend sightseeing spots along the Hankyu Hanshin railways to the guests with AR system.
Also, the guests can download the information to their smartphone without an app.

Japanese garden

There are many trees planted in the Japanese garden,and guests can enjoy changing colors of the seasons.

Nursing room

There are a diaper changing station and a wataer heater for milk.

Coffee maker
Available to the hotel guests.
Smoking booth
Available to all guests.
Accessible Restroom
Available to all guests.

3D walkthrough

Can walk around the 3D rooms freely. The guests can imagine the rooms easily.


Self-service Laundry

Open:24 hours
You can check the usage status from the television in your room.

<Wash>¥300/1 time
<Dry>¥100/Half an hour


1-1 Ofukacho,Kita-ku,Osaka
ZIP Code 530-0011


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RESPIRE combines the meanings of the words “rest,” as in to have a rest, and “inspire,” as in to have one’s senses stimulated and be filled with vitality. RESPIRE also means “to breathe.” Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE aims to offer you a place where you can relax comfortably and also be revitalized for the next day, giving you the sensation of having taken a deep breath of fresh air.