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Toward the realization of a richer diet

Menu featuring soy meatAdded on May 27, 2022

In order to raise awareness of “environmental” and “food” issues, we offer menu items that feature soy meat at a buffet restaurant where diners can casually enjoy a variety of the hotel’s cuisine.
Soybeans are attracting attention as an ingredient for overcoming future food shortages, and since they can be cultivated with less land and water than beef, their value as a sustainable food that reduces the environmental burden is beginning to be recognized anew.
Our soybean meat menu uses “Miracle Meat,” a vegetable meat made from germinated soybeans produced by DAIZ Inc.

Available at: Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo “letoile”, Hotel Hankyu International “Night and Day”, Hotel new Hankyu Osaka “Olympia”, Hotel Hanshin Osaka “Nen”, Hotel new Hankyu Kyoto “Boulevard”, Senri Hankyu Hotel Osaka “Chagall“, Takarazuka Hotel “L'ensemble”

Accurate communication through universal design solutions

Food pictograms to show contained ingredients

Throughout our buffets and breakfast restaurants, pictograms are used to display which ingredients are contained in dishes. This way, guests can rest assured that they will not accidentally consume any of eight allergy provoking ingredients. Pictograms are also used for 11 other foods commonly related to dietary restrictions such as pork, beef and alcohol.

Video chat interpretation on tablet devices

Besides training our staff in various languages to provide guests with service in their native language, we also offer interpretation through video chat on devices such as tablets.

Treating people with care

To make sure we provide comfortable environments to our guests, we allow them to choose a pillow of their liking and provide them easy-to-understand pictograms in guest rooms and public spaces, among other services.