Plan of action based on the theme

Through strong connections with local communities, we aim to nurture environments in which people come together to work and live happily.

Efforts to contribute to society,
including the Hankyu Hanshin Dreams and Communities of the Future Project

With the full backing of the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group, we are developing the Hankyu Hanshin Dreams and Communities of the Future Project, which focuses on contribution to local communities.

Future career training through hands-on work experience

We are proactively helping local students with career orientation, providing them with a better understanding of future opportunities through hands-on work experience.

Improving the areas around our hotels

To conserve local environments, our staff regularly band together with locals to clean up and beautify the areas around our facilities.

Providing free child vaccines by collecting bottle caps

Since 2020, a recycling effort for collecting PET bottle caps has been promoted, involving all employees. The fee received from a recycling company in exchange for these caps is contributed to an NPO called Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World's Children.

Plans and services for charity (2022 results)

<Accommodation plan>
Donation sum
Japan Cliniclowns Association support plan 181,342 yen
Child Chemo House support plan 299,810 yen
Heartful Stay Plan 22,677 yen
Christmas Charity event 71,700 yen
Sales of Ironeko cat-shaped bread crusts 196,840 yen

Introduction of vending machines that enable making donations

We have created an environment where anyone can easily donate by purchasing specific items from vending machines installed in employee break areas. The donations collected are being used by organizations working for local children.

Awareness poster

Holding fairtrade product sales for employees

With the cooperation of Kobe Select miscellaneous goods shop Horti, operated by Mt. ROKKO CABLE CAR & TOURISM COMPANY, we have been holding fairtrade product sales for our employees. As a business operator that handles food, this initiative provides an opportunity to learn about the producers, and a part of the purchase price is donated to organizations that support children with foreign roots.