Hankyu Hanshin Hotels' Initiatives toward SDGs

1Safe, reliable infrastructure


Plan of action based on the theme

Through the continuous implementation of measures regarding food safety and disaster preparedness, we strive to ensure that our facilities and services make everyone feel safe and at ease.

Disaster preparedness measures

Infection prevention measures

All hotels are carrying out deep antibacterial and disinfecting measures

By our own employees' hands, all rooms, restaurants and banquet halls have been treated with SELFEEL® Air Catalyst, to create safe spaces throughout our hotel facilities.

  • Order-at-the-table buffet

    Embracing the new normal, we have introduced the order-at-the-table buffet style. Instead of having to get up to get their own food, guests can now make use of a tablet device to order dishes of their choosing to their table.

    Click here for details (japanese page)

    Available at: Hotel Hankyu International “Night and Day”

  • Supplies in case of disaster, stocking up and maintenance

    In case of a major disaster potentially leaving employees stranded, our hotels are stocked with food and supplies for three days to allow staff to stay on site. A separate special stockpile for guests is also available.

    Disaster preparedness manuals are in place, and obligatory fire drills are carried out twice a year, supervised and evaluated by a fire station official on at least one occasion. The result of this evaluation is taken seriously and carried over to the next drill. By taking evacuation and fire drills seriously, we do what we can to ensure safety at our hotels for our guests.

    Toward all smoke-free rooms

    In light of growing health consciousness, all guest rooms in our hotels are now smoke-free.
    Considering the effects of second-hand smoking and customer satisfaction, as well as taking into account fire safety, we are focused on providing a comfortable environment for our guests.

    Food safety measures

    Creation of and adherence to guidelines concerning our menu

    A uniform rule set for our food menus was formulated.
    In accordance with these rules, a checklist was made for each of our restaurants. Applications for new dishes have to be sent to a quality control supervisor for approval, before being displayed on the menu. Each hotel is inspected four times a year with a special focus on the adherence to the guidelines. Furthermore, training sessions on food hygiene, allergies and how to apply for approval of new dishes are conducted three times a year.

    Beef and rice origin traceability

    The cattle identification numbers displayed at restaurants are checked against those recorded in logs. The production area of rice served in restaurants is made visible on the menu or other locations in the restaurants.

    Hygiene control efforts

    Hygiene control includes routine kitchen wipe tests, bacteria inspection of foodstuffs and employee stool tests. In addition, food poisoning and contamination prevention is carried out according to the HACCP, which became mandatory in June 2021.

    HACCP is a management system for the prevention of food poisoning, contamination, and any other potential health hazards through the analysis and control of such hazards during the process from raw material production to consumption of the finished product.